OOUR (Osnovna Organizacija Udruženog Rada / Basic Organization of Associated Labor) was, as the name suggest, a legal concept from the early '70s that defined the smallest unit of economic endeavor in Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia. Multiple OOURs would form associations that formed bigger companies, sometimes counting hundreds or even thousands of these "basic units" that represented different departments or other organizational points. All of it was truly publicly owned, but the workers comprising OOURs shared the profits and self-governed. This mandate required re-investing into the community, and in the end allowed for a real-world worker-controlled socialist utopia to materialize in Yugoslavia and usher an era of unprecedented prosperity--for a while, until the country's political collapse and war in the early '90s due to an onset of economic troubles that were exploited by jingoists. In any case: better futures are possible.

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