- is a radical leftist anti-authoritarian Mastodon server. We welcome anarchists, socialists, activists, the LGBTQIA+ community, environmentalists, anti-racists, anti-fascists, anti-capitalists, intersectionalists, vegans, pirates, human rights activists, etc. As far as they are radical, leftist ánd anti-authoritarian. Deutsch ist ein linksradikaler, antiautoritärer Mastodon-Server. Wir heißen Anarchist_innen, Sozialist_innen, Aktivist_innen, die LGBTQIA+-Gemeinschaft, Umweltbewegung, Antirassist_innen, Antifaschist_innen, Antikapitalist_innen, Intersektionalist_innen, Veganer_innen, Pirat_innen, Menschenrechtler_innen, etc. willkommen. Solange sie radikal, links únd antiautoritär sind. Español es un servidor de Mastodon de izquierda radical antiautoritaria. Damos la bienvenida a anarquistas, socialistas, activistas, personas del colectivo LGBTQIA+, ambientalistas, anti-racistas, anti-fascistas, anti-capitalistas, interseccionalistas, veganxs, piratas, activistas por los derechos humanos, etc. Siempre que sean radicales, de izquierdas y antiautoritarios. Nederlands is een radicaal linkse anti-autoritaire Mastodonserver. Wij verwelkomen anarchisten, socialisten, activisten, de LHBTQIA+-community, de milieubeweging, intersectionelen, antiracisten, antifascisten, antikapitalisten, veganisten, piraten, mensenrechtenactivisten, enz. Als ze maar radicaal, links én anti-autoritair zijn. More See for more information in above languages, and links to machine translations in even more languages, our privacy police and of course our Terms of Service.

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