Sloth Run

🦥🦥🦥 "A Calckey Server for rude, dirt-bag left Sloths who would like to evolve the ability to run someday. " - someone, at some point in time Just a small and comfy moderated server for accessing the Fediverse. For people who would like to try Calckey's advanced features, appreciate sloths or identify as such, and happen to be leftists or at least are comfortable around leftist ideas. Ideas for topics around which a community will grow are most welcome, but for now there's no specific community building effort. Languages: all are welcome! Moderation languages: En | He (so far) Registration Status: Open Ally of ◉ Servers protecting all genders and sexual identities ◉ Fedivri (פדעברי) alliance, a group of servers moderating in Hebrew Adheres to the principles of ◉ The Mastodon Server Covenant ◉ The Calckey server Guidelines More info on our other public pages: [General info]( [Rules](

This server runs calckey software, version 14.0.0
This server has been monitored since 3 months ago and has a score of 100 out of 100
Detected language of this server is English
Server looks to be located in Midland Ontario Canada

Server last checked 54 minutes ago

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